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A few months into our monthly idea tradition, and we finally have a travel idea for you! 

A little ironic for people whose whole life is traveling, but as you well know, we take our ideas seriously and make sure to try them out before giving them to you. So, here it goes!


Since the beginning of our road trip, we signed up for this program called Harvest Hosts. For under $100 a year we get to visit wineries, breweries, and farms all over the country! All we need to do is book our stay with them through the app. The stay is free; all they ask is that the travelers buy something (it would be a bummer to visit a winery and not try the wine.) Now, of course, this is for those who own RVs and vans. However, these kinds of places are amazing for a day trip. We had no idea how many wineries, breweries, and farms there are all over the US! (see map.) Wherever you are, you can find a beautiful spot for a day trip.


map of the US covered in Harvest Hosts!

For those of you with kids, we recommend the farms. Oftentimes, the family farms’ owners will give you a little tour and explain how things work. We highly recommend the alpaca farms! The alpacas are so cute and curious; they are a joy to be around. 


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Painted Spring Farm, Pennsylvania

At Painted Spring Farm in PA, we met with these beautiful creatures for the first time. The hosts were very friendly and explained to us all about the workings of the farm. The alpacas gave us a show, engaging in friendly fights. The walk around the farm was very pretty. 

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Redemption Springs, Maryland

Redemption Springs in Maryland was the very first Harvest Host we visited. It is a biodiversity farm. The owner, Seth, is an excellent tour guide. His explanation about how the farm runs had us learn a lot about agriculture and farming. 

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Hidden Pastures, New Jersey

Hidden Pastures is another farm situated in New Jersey. You will see alpacas, horses, yaks, and other animals. It is beautiful to walk around there, and their animals roam free, so you might find an alpaca looking right over your shoulder while you’re chewing on your sandwich. 


Now, if you’re looking to make your outing mostly about adult activities, wineries and breweries might be a better choice.

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Chateau Bu-De, Delaware

We loved Chateau Bu-De (please, don’t ask what this means in French, we have no idea!) The view is beautiful, you can watch the sunset and have a walk by the water -  all of that while enjoying some wine. The perk here is that there is plenty of space for everyone, and kids could tag along and play, while you converse over a glass of rose. 

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Serre Vineyards, North Carolina

This one is our all-time favorite. Situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains, with a gorgeous view that you could enjoy forever. If you find yourself in North Carolina, around Mount Airy, please, visit Serre Vineyards, it is a dreamy place. 


Last but not least: combine the two! Plan a farm visit for the morning, bring a picnic, then go to a nearby winery or brewery. So many of them have a beautiful sunset view, and space to walk around the property. They often offer platters of light snacks (Chateau Bu-De even offers full dinners.) 

And finally:

Why not go crazy and actually rent an RV or a van, sign up for Harvest Hosts, and go from one host to the next? Try it. :)


KIT parked by the Shenandoah Valley Vista Point

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