Invest Into experiences

you want to give something unforgettable, a meaningful experience, a gift that makes hearts glow and smiles beam. 


We are here to help you turn your gift anxiety into gift magic. 


We will provide you with the brilliant idea for your event/gift. We will give you practical tips on where to go, what to buy, what to do and how to make sure that all the details are aligned for a special moment.

special event consultation:


1 hour phone/zoom consultation, with a follow-up that will give you a plan of action:


the plan includes a unique concept for your special event and:

  • 2 gift ideas (links and all, let's get specific)

  • 2 ideas for a culinary experience (eating out, cooking in) at specific restaurants or with delicious recipes

  • 2 ideas for a shared experience based on the event’s concept (specific ideas, with links and locations)


consultation + slideshow package:

special event consultation plus

simple elegance movie Slideshow with the pictures/videos of your choice (click here for details)

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