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Treebones Glamping Resort, Big Sur

Imagine this: a perfect cup of coffee, a slice of artisan bread with homemade jam, blue skies and a stretch of the sparkling ocean in front of you.

If you love mornings, you can have yourself a perfect one at Treebone. Go ahead and start it with yoga at 6 a.m., a quick swim in the pool, or enjoy your cosy bed until the rays of sunshine start creeping up your sheets through the skylight. If you are not a breakfast person, you are missing a lot. At Treebone they cook like they mean it. Sip that coffee and soak in the view, breathe in the air, no, eat it together with that delicious bread. What more do you need on vacation?

But wait, there is more. How about that magnificent highway 1 right under your feet, the seemingly endless road that leads to more gorgeous views? You can spend the day walking along the white sand beaches, hiking in the lush forests or take an unforgettable drive.

We went as far as the Hearst Castle, stopping along for pictures and strolls. The castle was a striking change from the Treebone resort, with its decadent luxury of the 1920s. But we would never exchange the shabby chic of the yurts for the sophistication of the castles.

The yurts were truly wonderful after all! You might think that a yurt is just a big tent, but really it is a comfortable room that has almost all the essentials. What do I mean by almost? There is no bathroom. Yes, you read that right. Don’t despair, there is one a few steps away, and you get to breathe that fresh air and admire the stars on your way. It can get chilly at night, even in the Summer, so you will fully appreciate your very own fireplace that each yurt is equipped with. Or go ahead and soak in that outdoor hot tub under the shining stars.

If there is one drawback for this hidden oasis, it is their prices. We noticed that the Big Sur area in general is a little tricky when it comes to accommodations: you either have to go for something basic, like camping or the fancy tree houses of the Post Ranch Inn, whose prices are pretty out of reach for most people. Treebone is the option in the middle pricewise, and that middle is definitely golden with its $320 per night.

But back to the good stuff. Let’s talk about food. Treebone is off the grid and they do grow their own food. I have proof. On our second night I ordered the salad I absolutely loved the night before. As I was salivating, imagining those delicious fresh vegetables in my mouth, I stuck my fork into something squishy: it was a very fresh, still very much alive and moving worm. Boy, was I glad it didn’t make it into my mouth. The waitress chuckled, saying that they just went into the garden to grab some more greens and it was kind of dark. We had the biggest laugh ever.

So, the proof is in the worm! The food is indeed fresh and straight from the garden. The staff is lovely and feels like family, and you feel secluded in your own little yurt paradise, which was what we were looking for on this special trip. We treated ourselves for a weekend stay for our anniversary and enjoyed every moment of it.

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