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We got interested in Van Life and minimalism a couple years back. Living in our urban apartment with busy schedules, we couldn’t figure out a way to downsize and get on the road: it seemed too complicated and well - downright scary. We did buy a school bus and even made one unforgettable trip in it, but then it just sat there in a parking spot far away from the city…


However, then… the crisis happened. Needless to say, it affected us a lot - we lost our jobs and all income. We panicked, called everyone crying for help, and then... realized it was our opportunity to find JOY. So, we downsized and moved into a tiny house together with our school bus whose name is KIT as well by the way (he is pleased to meet you, too.) At the moment we are living far away from any kind of city, working on our minimalist habits and building the bus of our dreams...

We love sharing our adventures in the hopes to inspire you to live according to your deepest truth,

to help you avoid mistakes that we haven't managed to avoid, and to remind you to always follow your joy.

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