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KIT stands for Keoni, Irina, and Tim. We are a family of three on a quest for sustainable happiness. The Covid crisis was a catalyst to changing our lifestyle drastically. We gathered our belongings and moved out into nature to experience minimalism and tiny living. This new journey brought into focus the importance of living intentionally and seeking out daily joy. KIT to Happiness is about creating joy and sharing it with the world.


Tim loves making people happy. He loves bringing joy with his colorful art and inventive ideas for special occasions. Throughout his life, he has organized so many surprise parties, and made so many custom paintings for birthdays, anniversaries and more, that people gave him a nickname - Tim Tastic. This is how our Micro Events consulting and Custom Art services were born. Tim has so much love for what he does, he will take care of your murals, blank canvases, birthday parties, etc as if they were his own.


Irina loves telling stories. Her grandma says that as soon as she learned to speak, she would gather other kids around and tell fairy tales. Well, she still does! This is how Movies About You was born. To Irina, every life is fascinating, every life is a story worth telling. She will interview you and come up with a story that will be unique to you, but even more important - it will be truly exciting. 


As a family, we are on a constant quest to find what makes us happy. With our work, we want to help you honor your big and little moments, take in your surroundings and create new experiences.


Invest into Joy!

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