movies about you

We created the service as part of our intentional living philosophy: 


Let’s only keep what matters. let’s make it matter even more. 


this is a custom, conceptual photo and video editing service that allows you to:


  • Clear and organize your photo and video collection 

  • create an unforgettable, one of a kind movie about you and your loved ones.      

what it is:

How It works:

we create highly conceptual movies using your pictures and home videos.


every video stands out because it is built around a highly personalized idea.

our experienced film editor and director irina abraham is at your service.

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Movie Magic Package

Price: $799

What it includes:


Up to 40 pictures and up to 10 videos 


Consultation with the purpose of concept creation for the video


Continuous collaboration with the client throughout the video creation


Text (name cards, quotes, accompanying text for pictures, depending on the concept, dates, etc)


Music (unlimited amount of songs, client’s choice, or suggestions from the creator)

the result: 5-10 minute movie about you

tell us about the movie of your dreams:

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