invest into joy


 At KIT To Happiness we believe that being who we want to be today and living true to our joy will pave the way into a brighter future. 


How do you do that? 


Appreciating your life and people in it is not only a feeling, it is an action. You can celebrate your life, your family and friends, you can make time to notice them, to make them smile, share an experience together.


Yes, you have to actively pursue your daily joy, and what a happy pursuit it is!


This is why we are offering you several personalized products and services that will help you on your way to all things happy.


          movies about you:

celebrate the joy, the adventures, the big and little moments.



this is a custom, conceptual photo and video editing service that allows you to:


  • Clear and organize your photo and video collection 

  • create an unforgettable, one of a kind movie about you and your loved ones.


        Event Consultation:

Do you want to sweep them off their feet with creativity, sweetness and a romantic touch? If yes, this consultation is for you.


the service will help you to:


  • Spark up some romance

  • show that you care

  • Spend special moments with your partner


             custom art

art is our passion.


we love the process of creation and love sharing it.


we know one size does not fit all. this is why we are happy to create art with you in mind.

this service will:


  • help you express your personality

  • beautify your surroundings

  • provide daily inspiration 

what do our customers say?


kellen about event consultation:

"...My husband used Tim’s consultation service to propose to me 12 years ago. I got to say, HE WOULD NOT have come up with such a creative idea on his own....He managed to plan the surprise of a lifetime, That only a mind like Tim’s would be able to I have a great story to tell forever. Thanks Tim!.."

Cati says about custom art:

"I commissioned a mural for a column and a wall in my New York City loft....Tim presented inspired sketches with gorgeous flow of forms and colors that would wrap up and swirl on the column.....Tim is very talented, intuitive and easy to work with.

I’m still in love with the magical universe he created…"


Larry goodrich says about movies about you:

"Irina is a real professional. She came to my apartment and asked a lot of questions, so I have a total understanding what we would try to accomplish through her videos. The results were fantastic! I could not be happier with the final product. She is a true professional and I highly recommend her!"

irina goodrich says about movies about you:

Personally, ten years ago, I asked Irina what kind of present I could give to my husband who already has pretty much everything, she answered that she can make a video about him. It was the best idea ever! Since then, I started to use Irina's and Tim's company for all celebrations in my family. 

They are the most talented, inspired and responsible people I have ever met. They bring a lot of great ideas and create mind - blowing and heart filling videos and presents!

 I definitely recommend to use “Kit to happiness” for your family's personalize presents! 

I am so lucky that I met Irina and Tim in my life! i Thank them for everything!!! They really make people very happy!!