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this may

celebrate rebirth and transformation


In the past few weeks, we have been watching nature perform its miraculous rebirth. We can smell the hot, sweet breath of the Earth, while it is getting ready to nurture the new life. Traveling around in Upstate NY, visiting farms, and talking to people who grow things, we have been especially aware of this magical process. This is why we feel it is so fitting that May is also the month of Mother’s Day. Observing all this rebirth and growth made us think about the deeper meaning of motherhood: the giving, the nurturing, the exchange of energy, and the abundance. 

On another level, the current times seem to be transitional from a long winter of discontent into something new. In this light, the theme of motherhood takes on the meaning of personal rebirth, and of deep inner transformations. 

This is why this May, we offer you a free digital work of art, as a reminder of this beautiful season, and as a tribute to all of our mothers. You can print out our gift and write loving notes to your moms on it. If you prefer the digital realm, you can use an app to digitally sign the image (such as Brushes for iPhone, for example) and text it to your mom this Sunday!

We wish you a beautiful season of transformations! Celebrate all things that bloom!

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