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we meant your inside, not the inside of a silly internet button...

Do you feel fooled? Well, it is April Fool's Day after all. But hear us out. As much as we did try to take you in, we mean what we say whole-heartedly: EVERY solution to EVERY problem is on your inside. 

The reason why we decided to talk about this very old and simple truth this month is because we have been on a quite unpredictable, windy road in the past few days. As you know, we had been working on finishing KIT the bus, getting ready for our big trip. In the days preceding our departure, things kept going wrong: the engine was leaking oil, some of the essential items got lost in the mail (we were missing the covers for our bed cushions, so technically, we had no bed!) the windshield was leaking in the rain, we had to finish downsizing from tiny house to bus and among all that Tim was trying to finish his mural in time… Our grand driving-off-into-the sunset date kept floating further away. We made plans to go down south, visit friends, we booked places, but nothing felt right.


tim painting over the fixed leak (cross your fingers)


Tim's mural

We realized that we simply had to let go of every plan. We cancelled our bookings. The first night on the road was spent at a hotel (KIT was at the garage!) We left the next day and our improvised last minute spot turned out to be amazing. We booked it through Harvest Hosts (it’s a membership program with a yearly fee that allows us to park/camp overnight at farms, wineries and breweries throughout the country for free.) We winded up at a cozy little farm called Redemption Springs with a very hospitable host, who gave us a tour of his kingdom and taught us a lot about farming and biodiversity. Please, check out the farm and their products HERE.


The next day, however, KIT showed more kinks and we had to cancel our booking again, and winded up yet at another improvised-last-minute spot. Then, one of the cabinet doors came off. Then, our shower leaked. When things went wrong, we panicked, googled stuff, asked for advice and winded up with a myriad of opinions. In the end, we were confused and lost. We still are! Every day is completely unpredictable - we don’t know where we are headed next, we honestly have no plan whatsoever, because so far planning has proved to be a mission impossible.


 This is why it is now clear that when chaos ensues on the outside, the only choice is to look for answers on the inside. So we do, and all we find is racing thoughts and doubts. Yes, friends, if you close your eyes and focus inward, you are not automatically going to meet your inner oracle. But this is the work and the game: keep trying. Whether you meditate, take a long walk, throw yourself a solo dance party or take a nap, you’ve got to persist, because that oracle, once heard, is a well of knowledge. Your inner voice is literally always right. Ours did bring us to Redemption Springs Farm! We know that it will always lead us out of any troubles, it will give us the best advice even in matters of rocket science, that’s how magical it is.


So here is our April’s idea:

Join us on a journey of learning to trust one’s guts.

We are not going to tell you how. The truth is - we don’t know. All we know is - it is an ABSOLUTE necessity. There are many techniques on how to develop your intuition. We know you will find the right one for you.

For the French speakers among you, we highly recommend THIS WEBSITE.

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