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What do Alice in Wonderland, capoeira, and a facial have in common? You’re right, nothing! Unless… there are special forces at work. And by special forces we mean imagination and desire to put a smile on someone’s face…

That is exactly what Tim did several years back when he organized a day out for me and my girlfriends: there were lots of smiles! The most important thing was that he really made the effort to do something for the three of us. He completely took himself out of the equation and made sure we had space and time to reconnect and do some of our favorite things: tea time, learning something new together, and self-care! 


I was told I had to meet someone and was given the address… To my greatest joy two of my girl-friends were waiting for me there. I had a special envelope in my purse with strict instructions to only open it once I met my companions. The envelope contained a riddle that led us to our destination - a rabbit hole of sorts... It was a brunch at Alice’s Tea Cup! I love all things magic and my girl-friends - all things tea, so it was a perfect spot to start the day! After the meal and some chit-chat, the hostess gave us our next clue (of course, Tim had to call the restaurant and drop off the envelope for us, simultaneously turning the hostess into his partner in crime.) Equipped with the new riddle, we were led to our next location. We were told to bring sport clothes, and soon enough learned we were about to take our very first capoeira lesson! 


But wait, it wasn’t over! At the dance center we were given our last cue (yes, Tim had accomplices all over the town!) Our last stop was a spa. Needless to say - a perfect ending to a perfect day!


As you can tell, Tim combined several important ingredients in this celebration:


a surprise meeting with friends +

a shared meal +

a shared experience +

relaxation with plenty of time to catch up


Moreover, each thing he planned for us remained a mystery until the very last moment. 


Certainly, this adventure required some budget. Also, a few years ago, we were free to move around the city and meet up with anyone with no restrictions. But do not despair friends! Even on a smaller budget and with all the restrictions, you could still help women in your life to celebrate their friendship during this Women's History month!

Take the key ingredients: a surprise reunion (are there people in your bubble your significant other could see in person, could they safely meet outside, would zoom work for this?), a shared meal (tea, coffee in the park with some social distancing, a picnic or outside dining?), a shared experience (a yoga class outside? a trip to a museum? an art class in the park?) and finally some time for self-care (if a trip to a spa/mani/pedi is not safe in your area, turn your own house into a spa: some massage oils, an aromatherapy bath and face masks could work magic after an eventful day.)  

And finally, the most important ingredient is: 

the time and space you create for your significant others to reconnect with their friends.

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