ideas for joy

December 2020

custom family game

J  E  N  G  A !!! 


This holiday season we offer you an idea that will have you spend some quality time with your friends and/or family.


We call this one " Memory Lane Jenga " 

Here is how it works:


Step 1:

Acquire (buy or reuse an old one) a Jenga set.

You can purchase a set through our

affiliated link HERE


Step 2:

Paint and decorate the jenga pieces to your liking (Acrylic paint is best)



Step 3:

Write memories/fun stories connected to the people you intend to play with on each piece. ​












Step 4:

Play the game together on one of the holiday nights!

There are no special rules: Every time someone pulls out a piece, they read the memory written on it, which adds a warm cozy feeling to the game.


The specifics:


We spray-painted our pieces red and sprinkled them with some gold and green paint to add a holiday feel.





We wrote our memories in black ink pen.

You can do all the writing yourself or involve the whole family/friends and make it an activity before you play all together.




- Write jokes on the JENGA pieces.

- Write dares and have each person pulling out a brick do the dare that the piece has on it.

- Make it a romantic game for two... we will leave the details up to your imagination...